The Seasoned Traveler

Beer, label, photography, website design and production made for clients and friends of Sincerely Truman in Portland, ORE. Campaign designed as a thank you /self promotion project.

This was a project concepted and executed by our creative agency Sincerely Truman in Portland, ORE. Contributers: Tim Weakland, Todd Quackenbush (myself), Robert Perez, Jordan Philips, Dilion Lawrence, Jenn Van Zanten, Jon Collins, Scott Davis, Koah Pham & Tyler Clinton.
The project was to design a label and interactive experience for a thank you for our agency's friends and clients that was holiday themed. This included: package design, type design, photography, a model set design and build out, copy writing, marketing and embibing said beer. It was in fact delicous!
Final homepage design
Entry filed for 1 of 5 slides
Overview after all 5 slides are filled out
Mobile version
Idea wall showing where we're at during the process. It's always nice to be able to walk over here and take a look as a opposed to opening a mood board or multiple working files.
Initial traveler character designs by Robert Perez.
Idea wall detail
Initial sketches for The Seasoned Traveler type and lock up.
Initial sketches for The Seasoned Traveler type and lock up.
Initial sketches for The Seasoned Traveler type and lock up.
Mood boards and name contenders.
Tim Weakland concepts
Tim Weakland concepts
Dillion Lawrence type design
Tim Weakland concepts
Todd Quackenbush early sketch / render with markers
Todd Quackenbush early sketch / render with markers
Integrateing artwork from Robert with rough type lock ups
Time Weakland mock up lock up
Slanted type options
Early on renders
Rough type scanned and on screen
Rough scan was printed out at low opacity and then refined by drawing over the letterforms.
Inking over initial pencil refinement.
Erasing pencil after ink has dried
Inking the fills
Finished inking
Scanned final inking on screen
Ribbon shape expolration
Tim Weakland experimenting with label shape, size and layout.
Refined type with texture incorporated
Label design precoloring
Color laserprint prototype label on bottle.
Final label design with deisgn contributions by Tim Weakland, Todd Quackenbush and Rebert Perez
Type style adapted for website headline messaging
Website concept mock up by Todd Quackenbush
Website concept mock up by Tim Weakland
Website concept mock up by Todd Quackenbush rnd 2
Styrofoam insulation being layered and carved into the forground snow covered hill
Styrofoam pieces were held together with bamboo skewers
Styrofoam cutting
Snowfall test
Winter scene set
Winter scene set test
Test shot
Miniature signs finished and snow covered
Background mountain image
Test snowfall on signs
Detail of outdoor test shot under light diffuser. Wind was up so now falling snow today
Outdoor test shot without background
Lighting set up for website background footage. Beer bubbles
Here is the live site. The Seasoned Traveler.
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